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Individual job placement & career consultation for IT professionals

We will work together intensively during the search for your new position. Furthermore, we will also conduct a comprehensive analysis of current job openingsUnlike personnel recruiting (filling job openings) we will search for a specific vacancy for you, taking into account your needs, wishes, and objectives. Conversely, the filling of open vacancies is initiated by tech companies themselves.

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    This is how we proceed

    Mit 6 Schritten vermittelt die Tech Punk Bewerber in neue Jobs
    1. first contact - getting to know & introducing the vacant position (day 1)

    In the initial contact by phone or correspondence, we introduce our work and a possible job match of our clients. In addition, we arrange a follow-up appointment to get to know each other in detail.

    2. Consent & CV (day 1-2)

    We require your CV so that we are optimally prepared for our first meeting. We handle your data safely because we work 100% DSGVO-compliant. You can find our data protection agreement here.

    In order to provide you with your dream job without financial costs, in a high-quality and efficient manner, we also need your consent confirmation, which you can easily give us with just one click by submitting your resume here.

    3. Candidate-Screening (Day 1-5)
    • We decide together with you which tasks & roles could be the best fit for you technically, humanly and from the product point of view
    • We advise you on your resume and strengthen it with an award-winning project list
    • We analyze your own potential and growth options with you
    • Based on this, we give you an overview of the best job options on the market and show you the hidden job market
    4. Processes - Interviews (Day 3-15)

    We take care of the organization of your interview, which can take place by phone, virtually, or in person. In addition, we prepare you optimally for your interview(s).

    We coach you through the entire process for you to reach your desired career path. Afterward, we take care of a smooth exchange of feedback between all participants and plan the respective follow-up appointments.

    5. The successful occupation (days 15-20)

    We support you, especially during the contract negotiations. Transparency and honest exchange of opinions play a particularly important role in this final part of the process.

    As a true partner at your side, we use our close customer relationships and act as an objective mediator to ensure that the final hiring step is handled without any problems.

    6. Support ( From day 20+)

    Following the motto: "After the placement is before the placement" - We are your sustainable tech recruitment partner and remain at your side for questions and requests even after the placement.

    It is important to us to build long-term relationships based on trust, honesty, and transparency. Therefore, we are always there for you if your life situation changes.

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    Interviews until placement

    job placement or career counseling?

    Job placement

    Job placement aims to find you your dream job through a complete job market analysis and close collaboration. Job placement differs from recruitment in that recruitment is commissioned by tech companies and job placement is commissioned by the developer:

    • Together with you, we create precise search criteria that include both professional and personal qualifications, as well as your wishes and ideas for the job search
    • We check whether relevant job offers are already available and explore the hidden job market for further options
    • In consultation with you, we then contact the decision-makers of the desired jobs and establish contact between you and the potential employer
    • This contact is initially anonymous and only after your consent with disclosed data
    • Subsequently, the further application process will be closely supervised by us
    • This creates the best conditions for our targeted search and placement to result in an employment contract between you and the tech company that suits you best
    Career Consultation

    You are a developer/PM/PO/lead/tester (etc.) and ready for your next career step but are unsure how this should look, or you haven’t yet found the right position?

    • We will help you quickly and effectively
    • We at Tech Punk in Berlin are specialist recruiters in the open source development space
    • Unlike other IT recruitment companies we follow the principle of vertical market specialisation
    • Each one of our Tech Punks is responsible for a single technical discipline and is specialised exclusively in this one area
    • This vertical market specialisation enables us not only to have access to a practically complete network of tech companies, CTOs and decision-makers but also a highly professional career consultation tailored exclusively to your individual needs and goals
    • Registration with Tech Punk doesn´t cost you any money and is without any obligation
    • We need just your contact details and your CV

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