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"Tech Punk is more than just tech recruiting"

Tech Punk is more than a regular recruitment agency for the IT sector. In addition to our regular, classic recruitment activities we also offer a direct consultation with the help of our chosen technology specialists.  

For this purpose, we have built up an extensive network of CTOs/Head of Developments/Project & Proudct Managers as well as agile tech evangelist and hands-on architects/engineers, who have supported us in many "tech staffing" projects over the past years. A "tech fire brigade", so to speak, which, together with Tech Punk, provides you with an as-is/needs analysis free of charge during an initial meeting/lunch/dinner.

You will also benefit from this accumulated know-how. A subsequent freelance engagement with direct contact to our network is of course up to you.

You’ll only find this innovative and novel full-scale recruiting solution on the German market with us! Why? Because we want to offer you our service, our contacts and our know-how in their full capacity. Unlike our competitors, we can actually do it!

Book yourselves an initial consultation and speak with us directly, this will cost you 0€!

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