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Candidates carve out successful IT careers at Tech Punk!

Our goal is to find the very best tech job for you. This requires that we become intimately familiar with your wishes and competencies. Only by doing so can we integrate your criteria and ensure you have a long and successful career in the IT sector. We work quickly and very professionally. Through regular contact with you we can ensure a close, trust-based exchange for both sides. It is our task to understand your exact needs, wishes and ideas with respect to your motivations and development perspectives.

We want to play our part in your long-term career satisfaction through our regular conversations, including after successful placement. You always remain at the centre of our work, we value you and your skills as a unique “artist” realising your life’s dream. In short, you will receive a full service for your dream job with Tech Punk in Berlin and and without financial efforts to you as a candidate.

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    This is what Tech Punk offers our applicants
    This is what Tech Punk offers our applicants

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