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Why Tech Punk is absolutely right for you as an IT candidate

Professional job placement with Tech Punk has several benefits when compared to a job search you conduct yourself:

  • We will do your search for you

    Who has time to spare? We will do the lion’s share of the work during your job search so that all you need to do is show up to the interview. If both parties can envision a future together, all that remains is for you to place your signature at the bottom of your new employment contract. Let us do the work so that you can spend time on the things you love the most!

  • Access to the hidden job market

    Gain access to the hidden job market through our network. We will find positions for you which are not published anywhere online. Your clear advantage: less competition for attractive jobs! Only with us can you ensure maximum access to all the jobs on the market.

  • Your Tech Punk consultant’s expertise

    A new position can sometimes completely change your life situation. Our Tech Punks are privy to information that you could never glean from a job description or a company’s web presence, but which is nevertheless critical for your decision. We are familiar with practically all of Germany’s tech market. As a Berlin-based IT recruitment firm, we are particularly well-connected in “Europe’s Silicon Valley”. We are therefore familiar with the pros and cons of each employer. With us, you can confidently plan your next career step, incorporating all the important details relevant for you personally.

  • Candidates don't pay any money!

    Your decisive Tech Punk advantage: We work 100% success-based. What does this mean? We are only paid once a contract between you and your new employer is signed by both parties. The fee is paid by the employer - our service is without financial effort for you as a candidate.

    Tech Punk is ushering in a new era of technical recruitment!

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    this is how you benefit

    We know exactly the kind of image Tech Recruiters often have with you guys - but we offer you the perfect solution!

    • become part of the industry!

      We'll help you become a part of the tech players with the most cutting-edge technologies, innovative approaches, and sense of purpose.

    • a true partner for you!

      We want real face-to-face partnerships, not meaningless phone calls.

    • it's all about you!

      We meet you in person. We are all interested in you, your personality and what moves you: your art, YOUR code, YOUR tasks and everything that makes both even more beautiful.

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