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We see Berlin as the “Silicon Valley” of Europe! Our service here means direct participation in the IT scene. The city’s clients and candidates alike benefit from it. We are a valuable part of the IT landscape and very active in the Berlin scene. Whether it’s IT meetups, developer conferences or IT trade fairs: Tech Punk is there! We meet clients and candidates personally and deliver our usual personal and professional service, even under “Corona regulations”. Quality for our partners is therefore ensured.

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    berlin is the silicon valley of europe

    Open source development companies
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    For us Berlin is the place to be! Anyone in Europe wanting to be successful in the tech sector will inevitably gravitate towards Germany’s capital. As a creative metropolis and start-up hub, companies here benefit from attractive economic and technological development programs.

    It recruiting agency in Berlin

    Berlin is characterized by a multitude of different people and ideas, adaptive infrastructure and readiness for change and growth. The sky is quite literally the limit for the city’s tech firms. It’s no accident that global players Amazon, Google and Microsoft are already there. Get in touch if you have any questions! As an experienced Berlin IT recruitment consultancy with an extensive network and a permanent ear to the ground, we guarantee you a cooperation from which you’ll profit over the long term.

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